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Booking producers for The Emmy winning syndicated daytime television series—The Doctors and other top tv shows rely on Dr. Sanda to give audiences authentic and helpful health and wellness advice. When they ask Dr. Sanda to appear on their shows, they can smile with confidence that she will deliver.

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Dr. Sanda Moldovan’s Media Reel

See the amazing results and watch the surgical footage from Dr. Sanda’s All-On-4 procedure. Her patient tells The Doctors how Dr. Sanda gave her a full set of teeth in just one day.

Dr. Sanda reveals on The Doctors how a pocket size energy device can reverse the aging process and eliminate pain from people suffering with TMJ.

Extra asks Dr. Sanda’s opinion on water flossers vs. string flossing.

In The Doctors dental chair with Dr. Sanda. Watch as she demonstrates the proper way to floss—and the importance of flossing for prevention of cavities and diseases.

Periodontist Dr. Sanda explains how laser technology provides a non-invasive treatment for periodontal disease. The Doctors asks Dr. Sanda about how good oral health is important to overall wellness.

See how Dr. Sanda zaps out a gummy smile with her cutting edge, painless laser procedure—in this episode of THE DOCTORS.

NBC NEWS chronicles a real life surgery with Dr. Sanda. Watch as Dr. Sanda performs a revolutionary smile makeover—giving a woman a mouth full of new teeth in a day!

The age old question: “Do I need my wisdom teeth?” is answered by Dr. Sanda on this clip from THE DOCTORS.

On the set of NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate—Dr. Sanda is asked about the latest facial plastic surgery—a dental facelift. Anti-aging is explored by health and wellness expert—Dr. Sanda.

Periodontist and nutritionist Dr. Sanda gives a warning to parents about toxic toothpastes in this NBC NEWS segment.

The Doctors host Dr. Jim Sears trusts his wisdom tooth extraction to Dr. Sanda. Watch Dr. Sanda’s surgery up close.

Nationally syndicated KLEAN Radio interviews Dr. Sanda. As a periodontist and nutritionist Dr. Sanda weighs in on the negative impact drugs, alcohol and food addiction can have on oral health.

Missionary David Jacobson receives a new smile from Dr. Sanda Moldovan and her team.  She discussed the connection between the mouth and overall health and spirituality.

Periodontist and Nutritionist Dr. Sanda Moldovan delivers fresh and relevant news on overall health and wellness, across a multi-media platform. Her social media vlogging on health and wellness topics are influenced by her background in science. Dr. Sanda's diverse experience as a world renowned dental practitioner and licensed nutritionist enhances her role as a credible educator.

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